2005-2013 C6 Corvette Super Bright Interior LED Kit

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Are you sick of not being able to find things you drop in your vette at night because the factory lighting is so dim? Maybe you're just sick of the dingy, yellowish incandescent lighting that makes the car look aged. 
Regardless of your reason, this interior LED kit is a day & night difference in not only output but also temperature (cool white instead of yellowish warm white). Most of the new high-end, luxury cars (c7 vettes included) come standard with LED lighting. As for why our c6 vettes didn't is beyond me but I'm here to change that and bring these amazing pieces of machinery up to date. 
This kit will update your:
  • Foot Well Lighting
  • Rear-View Mirror (MAP) Lighting
  • Hatch Lighting
All LED's are plug-n-play. No soldering, splicing, stripping, etc. Simply remove the factory bulb and insert my LED.