1997-2013 C5 C6 Corvette Under Hood Underhood LED (No Modification To Housing)

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If you're not a fan of the dim, dingy, yellow incandescent bulbs that come from the factory, this is the upgrade for you. 

Light up your whole engine bay with a crisp, clean, pure white. 

This is great for show vettes or vettes that are worked on in the engine bay frequently and every vette in-between. 


This LED fits any c5/c6 model corvette between the years of 1997-2013. 


What's nice about this LED is that it's aimed correctly without modifying the housing at all. Most under hood LED's offered by other retailers are aimed incorrectly so they face towards a side of the housing opposed to facing out towards the engine bay. To remedy this on their LED's, you have to grab a pair of pliers and bend the tabs outwards (Yikes!) while praying that they don't break off and ruin your housing assembly. With my LED, no modification or bending is necessary.