2005-2013 C6 Corvette Oracle SMD Concept Side Mirrors

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Product Description - 
The design is sleeker for a more aerodynamic look. The integrated LED's inside the mirrors can used as both turn signals and parking lights (for dual-intensity upgrade). An aspherical mirror is added for a wider field of view, so no visibility is compromised. These are plug & play design and hook right up to the factory harness to allow for full control over the mirror adjusters. The mirrors can be custom painted to any factory GM color.
These mirrors can be installed as just a runner OR blinker or they can be installed as a runner AND blinker with the included dual-intensity circuits. The marker light can be spliced into your side marker to have them operate as a parking light or into your front turn signal to operate as a turn signal and daytime running light. 
Finishes - 
Painted: Painted to the color of your choice with a strip of clear left over the LED strip so it can be seen at all times. 
Ghosted: Painted to the color of your choice with a fully painted mirror so that the LED strip is only visible when the lights are on and shining through the paint.
Product Specs:
  • Aerodynamic Sleek Design
  • Integrated LED Marker Lights
  • Aspherical Mirror Glass
  • Fits 2005-2013 Corvettes
  • Total 2 PCS- Driver & Passenger
  • Connects to Factory Harness
  • Can be painted to match factory colors.
  • Heated Glass

Painted sets may have up to a 8-10 week delay before shipping out as they are professionally custom painted to order. Due to paint work being considered custom, painted sets are not able to be cancelled or refunded once order is placed. 

Oracle Lighting offers these parts professionally painted to order. We strongly recommend using this painting service when ordering these parts. If you choose to paint these products yourself please note that parts not properly painted with a UV clearcoat will not be covered under warranty. The clearcoat protects the acrylic parts from harmful UV damage and fills any pinholes preventing moisture issues.