2005-2013 C6 Corvette SUPER BRIGHT LED Reverse Lights

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These LED reverse lights will fit any 2005-2013 corvette. 

This listing is for a 1 pair (2 bulbs) of completely plug-n-play LED bulbs, simply pull out the stock bulb and plug this one in. 

They're a huge appearance upgrade taking you from the dull, dingy yellow to a crisp, bright white. They also illuminate better than the stock bulbs! 

These 54-SMD bulbs have 3x the diodes of a traditional 18-SMD bulb that most other sellers offer. The LED's are much brighter putting out 450 lumens a piece compared to only 250 lumens a piece for the 18-SMD bulbs.

There is also a Brightest Available series of reverse LED with each bulb cranking out a whopping 1,300 lumens! WOW! 

Not only do these aesthetically look better, they also enhance your sight when backing up!

Inexpensive upgrade that is noticed every time you lock or unlock the vehicle and even when you back up!

Only takes 5 minutes at most to replace both bulbs. Jacking the car up is not required but gives a little more space. EASY UPGRADE!