2005-2013 C6 Corvette Tail Light LED's (MUCH BRIGHTER)

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This listing is for 4 LED's to convert all four tail lights over to LED technology

I'm also including 4 resistors to prevent hyper-flashing when using the turn signals (most retailers charge extra for these)



These LED's are much brighter (approx. 1200 lumens each compared to approx. 400 from the stock halogen bulbs)

These LED's are rated at 50,000 hours. You should never have to change them again or worry about them going out!


Install is very simple and quick:

 To remove the tail lights, they each have one T15 screw at the very top of the assemblies. 

Once they're out, the LED's are completely Plug-N-Play. Remove the current bulb and insert the LED. 

To install the resistors, you will only need a pair of pliers (channel lock is my preference) 

I include calipers that simply slide over the wires to add the resistors. 

Simply crimp down on the caliper and you have successfully added the resistors to the circuit to prevent hyper-flashing. 

No soldering or stripping wires necessary!