2014-2019 C7 Corvette Rear Reflector Laser LED Replacement Assemblies

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Finally an awesome upgrade for your rear bumper reflectors! Not only are these reflectors, they also have a full-length LED strip pre-installed that you can wire to be a running light or act as an additional brake light! 

These full replacement assemblies will add a light to an area that currently does not have a light. This means that you will gain another safety element to improve visibility but it also means that there is not an existing plug to simply plug these into. Install will require tapping the included wires into a power source with our provided quick-connects. They could be wired into the license plate lights if you want them to act as a running light or they could be wired into the third brake light to make them act as a brake light. Either way, you are sure to love them! 


  • Full-length LED strips pre-installed 
  • Full replacement assemblies 
  • Smoked or Red Lenses Available
  • Can be wired as Running light or Brake light
  • Sure to stand out amongst others
  • 1yr warranty
  • Professional install not required but recommended - will take slight wiring knowledge