2014-2019 C7 Corvette Oracle ColorSHIFT DRL Circuit Board Upgrade

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This new kit allows you to utilize the existing DRL feature on the new Chevy Corvette C7 Stingray and convert it to a Color-Changing DRL. This ColorSHIFT Light is controlled by one of the remote systems to produce any color the user wishes. Depending on the controller option selected; the lights can make hundreds of different colors, dozens of patterns, control the brightness, and even the speed of the functions as well!


ColorSHIFT Controller Options:

Simple Controller

  • Separate remote to control colors
  • 24 available colors to choose
  • cost-effective, entry-level solution

BC1 Controller

  • Control your colors with via smartphone
  • Compatible with Android (2.1 or newer) or Apple (iOS4.3 or newer)
  • Control Distance of over 300 feet
  • Dial in any color you wish with the color wheel 

ColorSHIFT 2.0

  • Over a dozen pre-programmed color patterns 
  • Precisely "Dial In" the exact color LED you desire
  • LED preview window integrated into the control box
  • Wireless RF Remote with Infared Repeater 
  • Dimmer, Strobe, Breathing, On/Off, & Color Select

Dynamic Controller

  • Control your colors with via smartphone
  • 200 pre-programmed moving patterns
  • Dial in any color you wish with the color wheel 
  • change colors by individual diode for flowing effect 

    This kit includes:
    • 2 ColorSHIFT® Replacement PCB Circuit Boards.
    • 1 ColorSHIFT® Control Box.
    • 1 Wireless Remote Control (optional via dropdown).
    Note: Detailed installation instructions are included with the kit.