C6 Corvette Morimoto Headlight “Fix” Harness

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**ETA late October - early November**


This Harness will change the following: 

  • White “L” will be the sole DRL
  • Amber lights will only come on for the turn signal/hazards
  • ”flash-to-pass” will work like normal and will not require the low beams to be on prior
  • These lights will function identically to the OEM C7 headlights with this harness 

This item is priced as a thank you to the early headlight adopters. Competitors have this listed for up to $250. 

Due to the extremely low price of this harness, no coupon codes will be accepted for this item. 

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is strictly for the optional harness to alter the headlight functionality. This listing is NOT for the headlights themselves though they are also available here).